Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day

I thought that, in celebration of April Fool's Day, I would tell you about an embarrassing experience I had a few years ago. Here's an old blog entry from 8/22/2008. My father was still alive back then.

The Most Embarrassing Thing That's Happened Somewhat Recently...

I don't know why I'm still awake at this ungodly hour. Since I am, I thought I would tell you what happened several months ago. This might be totally useless, because, as far as I know, my kid sister may be the only person who reads my blog. And I already told her about this thing. And she laughed at me.

Since I moved back in with my folks, to be a caregiver when they needed one, I call my fiance every night from my room after I had my parents tucked into bed for the night. This is usually the only phone call from this phone, so I usually just hit Redial and there he is.

Several months before my dad passed away, he wanted to clean up the back yard. We had an old swing set back there. After several unsuccessful attempts to get one of the neighbors to take it away, I offered to list it for him on craigslist.

Now, my dad considered the internet to be very mysterious. He used to be pretty good with gadgets. He sold VCRs when they were new technology. He even helped people hook them up. However, my laptop computer cannot be explained. It's magic, and that's all there is to it.

Anyway, I advertised the swing set on craigslist. I said that we couldn't help them take it apart or anything, but that they could take it. I got some email replies, and I called the first one back. He came out and looked at it and said it didn't look like the picture. I told him I didn't post a picture. He called his wife and it turned out he was supposed to have gone to see a different swing set.

I called the next person on my list. This man came and took the swing set away. Which is what we wanted.

My dad was happy that this magical computer had helped him.

That night, I got my parents tucked into bed. Then I put on my pajamas and curled up in my bed. I picked up my phone and pressed Redial.

A man answered who didn't sound like John. I thought it must be his son or a friend. I said, "Is my Honey Bunny there?"

It was the man who took the swing set. He recognized my voice. And he was very surprised to hear from me.

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