Saturday, May 24, 2014

Painting My Studio

I am painting my studio-to-be. It's a small bedroom that's still full of furniture and boxes from when we moved here in October 2013.

I bought the paint at Home Depot. It's supposed to be paint and primer in one, but I've still needed two coats. John said they may have accidentally used a transparent base instead of white. I'm painting the room a bright cheerful yellow. It makes me happy. The previous color was a brownish beige, seemingly formulated to induce depression and nausea. Some colors give me an emotional response.

When I stood back and looked at my work, I was surprised to see narrow slanted stripes showing through. Was there striped wallpaper under the beige? Maybe peeking through because the wall was wet? But the wall is too textured for wallpaper. And an angular striped wallpaper like that would be very odd looking.

I called John in and asked his opinion. He was as puzzled as I was. We supposed that I may have to use three or more coats of paint to cover this pattern.

That evening, the stripes seemed to have disappeared. It was a relief.

The next morning, the stripes were still gone. They reappeared in the afternoon.

Later, I realized where the stripes came from. The sun had bounced off the house next door and made a vague shadow of the venetian blinds.