Saturday, April 28, 2012

  I have joined SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators). And I plan to attend the local Illustrator's Day event in a few weeks. In preparation, I have re-done my whole portfolio and made a mock-up book of The Calamari Kid. (Right now, it's only a Kindle book.)

  I found some nifty portfolio thingies at a local art supply store. They have clear plastic sleeves to put the pages in. One was 8 1/2 x 11, and I used that one for my book. I even made a full-page sticker to make a book cover. 

  The other one was 9x12 and I thought that would make a good size portfolio. My old portfolio is huge and full of old stuff from the seventies. I was thinking I would be creating a bunch of new art for it. I even bought two 9x12 pads of smooth bristol board.

  But later I realized that what I needed to do was to make prints of my existing art. I have tons of stuff on zip disks, (some of which I can't open with my present computer). And, of course I couldn't find 9x12 computer paper! I started printing on the bristol board, and I was surprised that my printer took it so well. The prints looked great. But soon my portfolio was heavy and wouldn't close. And it was only half full!

   I solved this problem by buying a couple of pads of 9x12 acid free 70 lb. drawing paper.  

  I am pretty nervous about this Illustrator's Day event. It cost me $80 to join SCBWI and another $75 to register for this event. This is a lot of money for me. I'm sure I will be feeling better when it's over. 

Will they like me? Will they like my art? Will everyone else's stuff be a lot better than mine? I feel like a kid going to a new school or something. Social situations make me uncomfortable. Wish me luck!



Linda Davick said...

only a Kindle book !!!

It's so amazing that printers will take bristol board.

A kid going to a new school is a good way to put it. But remember that everyone probably feels the same way you do. So show up with a light heart and have fun! Ask tons of questions too.

Pile Girl said...

Thanks, Linda.

I feel like the Kindle book is less of an accomplishment because I did it all myself. They don't approve it or anything. All of the mistakes are my own. And SCBWI doesn't consider me a published author or illustrator.

It's like I'm a legend in my own mind!

It sure is nice to get encouragement and moral support from you. :)