Thursday, March 22, 2012

Up Up Ubi

I have mentioned on this blog in the past some artist tournaments that I entered on Facebook. I never won or anything, but the experience is pretty cool. The other artists were amazing.

I bring this up because the guy who organized the tournaments, Andrew Augustin, has started his own video game company. His first game is available for iPhone. I don't have an iPhone, but I wish I did.

He has a Kickstarter fundraiser going on to help expand his business. I wanted to post a link to try to help him. He's a good guy.

Most of my Facebook friends are cartoonists, animators, and other artists. It's a good way to "meet" other artists and look at each other's work. I know that some other people have had questionable experiences on Facebook, but the overwhelming majority are nice people. We say kind things to each other and gently give constructive criticism of each other's work. We encourage each other and pass along job opportunities.

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