Monday, June 27, 2011

John had his surgery about three weeks ago. I was hesitant to blog about it while he was in the hospital because it seems unsafe to advertise that I was alone in the house with an invalid for a week. I couldn't run any errands without bundling Mom up in her wheelchair, strapped in the van, and bringing her along.

My biggest problem was that I couldn't go visit him at all. When I was finally able to arrange a driver, they were releasing him. And he begged me to come get him in the van. He said the shuttlebus that took him to San Francisco was the bumpiest ride he'd ever had, and he couldn't bear it in his condition.

I finally had to get my dear sister to drive, and we took Momma along. I'd never taken her for a trip that long since way back when her condition was healthier. Mom was a good sport about it. The hospital is on a beautiful place with a great view of the Golden Gate. It's tantalizingly close to some museums that I crave to visit. Maybe someday when John is better.

Would you believe it? I had to give John SHOTS! It was easier than I'd imagine. They came pre-filled and disposable. I didn't have to worry about bubbles or anything. I just had to give him one per day for ten days after he came home. This was a blood thinner to prevent blood clots since he couldn't move around very much. I've been a caregiver for about seven years, and this was the first time I ever had to give anyone a shot.

I also had to deal with putting blocks under the legs of our bed, because it was too low for him. I had to get help with that, too. I had no idea that our king-size bed had SIX legs under it. I had to go buy more blocks.

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