Friday, August 27, 2010

Calendar Days

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Almost every year, I make the Pile Girl Original Collectible Calendar. The first few years, the calendar featured family pictures as well as cartoons. I printed them on my Epson printer. It was easy to get mixed up as far as which picture is upside down on the back of which grid. And which way to turn each page to get the art the right way. My mistakes spoiled several of the expensive blanks.
In recent years, I have been letting Cafepress do the production. I've made cartoon calendars instead of family ones, although my sisters still get them for Christmas.

I have been working on cartoon art for next year. Above is a sample.
With Cafepress providing the calendar grids, I can no longer print them with family members' birthdays and anniversaries on them. Too bad, because Grandma Pile would be 110 this year. If she were still around.

I've made memorable mistakes on the calendars. One month, the grid skipped directly from the 27th to the 29th. I gave a brother-in-law the wrong birthday another time. I think I did fix the ones with the months in the wrong order.
I sometimes think I'd like to go back to the days I produced them myself. John and I got married this year, and it would be fun to print them up with our special anniversary.

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